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Young People of Iran

"Key informants reminded me that wearing tight monteaus and head scarves that revealed highlighted hair was more than a fashion statement and more than being a part of a globalized youth culture. …Their style and attempts to embody a sexual revolution, they told me, was their way of speaking back to the regime, to the morality police who had made them suffer for so long and to other potential members of the revolution." 

—Pardis Mahdavi, “Passionate uprisings: Young people, sexuality and politics in post-revolutionary Iran”

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Coffee and cigarette
long way down
It can’t change,
I bet in technicolor yawn
The Dumplings-Technicolor Yawn

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The LGBT identity was a new western identity that seemed useless/dangerous to many but did offer a future community vision utopia to Romanians who were white, tertiary educated and middle class, those with enough cultural capital to be employed in the
sphere of “civil society.”

Shannon Woodcock, “A short history of the queer time of post-socialist Romania, or, Are we there yet? Let’s ask Madonna!

This article, which describes the emergence and ideologies of new internationally-supported LGBT groups during Romania’s process of joining the EU. It does seem that many identity/minority groups who faced restrictions of rights were ignored even as tolerance for gay people was used as a national benchmark for a progressive society. Seemingly decreased anti-LGBT sentiment in Romania contrasts with continued popular racism toward Romani, including from commenters on gay message boards.

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Last Night in Ferguson (9.28-9.29): Last night’s protest was one of the in Ferguson this month, proving once again that the residents of Ferguson/STL County are some of the most resilient and inspiring in all the land. The police were literally holding peaceful protesters hostage late into the night (folks who were complying with all police requests) so they could negotiate with the remaining folks to leave, but the protesters didn’t back down. Eventually all arrestees were released, and many plan to be back out there tonight.

Injustice in Ferguson continues, but despite it, community now thrives too. This is still happening. Are you still paying attention? #staywoke #farfromover

You cannot jail the resistance!

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Sanjai, a 20-years old bull (male elephant), sees himself for the first time in front of a mirror. [x]

i love elephants. i want to live with them. i want to talk to them. i love them.

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Flashbacks from the Atacama

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Small Town Defeats Kinder Morgan in Pipeline Dispute


Small Town Defeats Kinder Morgan in Pipeline Dispute

Kinder Morgan Westridge Marine Terminal gate - photo by Mychaylo Prystupa

Kinder Morgan Westridge Marine Terminal gate – photo by Mychaylo Prystupa

by Mychaylo Prystupa / Vancouver Observer

In what’s considered a huge win for the City of Burnaby’s legal battle to stop the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the National Energy Board struck down the company’s application to forbid Burnaby city staff from blocking the pipeline company’s test drilling on…

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Coolest pic from floodwallstreet yet - high schoolers waiting for school to end to Join the sit in

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The People of the Climate March